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You Need To Listen To The Princess Bride Rock Musical by Copy Red Leader

Princess. Bride. Rock. Musical! Wait! Don’t roll your eyes just yet! It’s actually really good. I mean really. My first reaction upon learning this exists was a fair amount of trepidation and doubt. And then, I took the time to listen. It’s really nice when fans make things based upon the things they love. These creations can be such marvelous things, as is the case with this 15-song tribute to The Princess Bride by Copy Red Leader.Continue Reading

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Chris Hadfield and The Wexford Gleeks Singing “Across the Universe”

As a way to wish everyone a happy holiday season, CBC Music has gathered 12 Canadian acts to perform their favourite Christmas songs. Among those gathered is Chris Hadfield, who not only managed to capture the hearts and minds of Canadians, but the hearts and minds of the world, when he became the first Canadian commander of the I.S.S. It should be of no surprise that his favourite Christmas song is “Across the Universe.”Continue Reading

Geek Of The Week December 13, 2013

This week’s Geek of the Week isn’t entirely geeky. But it made so ridiculously happy because it is just so ridiculous, yet, in my humble opinion, awesome.Continue Reading

It’s Not Too Late To Help Paul and Storm Kickstart “Ball Pit”

If you are unaware of Paul and Storm’s Kickstarter campaign for their soon-t0-be newest album Ball Pit, the above video has most of the information you will need. The reason for this post is pretty simple. I really, really, really, REALLY want Paul and Storm to reach their next stretched goal: The PaulandStormonomicon, an anthology of very short stories and illustrations based on and/or inspired by Paul and Storm and their songs.Continue Reading

Melodysheep Has A New Album – Remixes For The Soul Volume II ft Steve Irwin with Video

The above video — Steve Irwin Tribute – Wildest Things in the World — was released yesterday, and is just one of many songs that can be found on Melodysheep’s latest album: Remixes For The Soul II, also released yesterday.Continue Reading

Marian Call’s New Album “Sketchbook” Is Splendid – Plus, Giveaway

My favourite art comes with imperfections. Sure, I enjoy things that are meticulous and perfectly ordered. Symmetry and things containing patterns are calming. But, when it comes to art, I prefer the type of order that is achieved through the flawed, the gritty, the imperfect, the messy, the vulnerable. Marian Call’s newest album Sketchbook is filled with many such nuances, resulting in an album filled with heartfelt truths and an abundance of warmth. The result is splendid.Continue Reading

Watch Marian Call and Scott Barkan Perform “Paper and Pen”

The above video is the amazing Marian Call and equally amazing Scott Barkan performing the single “Paper and Pen” from Marian’s upcoming album titled Sketchbook.Continue Reading

Toronto: Kick Off Movember With Close Shave: The Next Generation – Star Trek Follies, Comedy, and Music

If you are in or around the Toronto area, you may want to head to the Black Swan Tavern on November 1, 2013, at 8 PM ET, for a night of Romulan Ale, Star Trek follies and burlesque, music, and comedy.Continue Reading

Pre-Order Marian Call’s Upcoming Album “Sketchbook,” Also With Limited Edition Packages

Marian Call, who is one of my favourite independent musicians, is about to release a new album, titled Sketchbook. It is now available for pre-order, with a couple of limited edition packaged options.Continue Reading

Download The Halloween E.P. by John Anealio – Free

I know it’s a new season, or a holiday is approaching, when John Anealio releases another free E.P. To help celebrate the approaching Halloween, John has gathered together four songs and bundled them into the appropriately titled The Halloween E​.​PContinue Reading

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