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Wheels of Destruction Announces Several Updates and FREE DLC, Moscovian Mayhem, Coming Soon

Unleash carnage in all-new ways with a plethora of updates, new control schemes and a free new map Santa Clara, CA – June 13 – Wheels of Destruction, the car carnage deathmatch experience on PlayStation®Network, is getting a slew of updates, including free DLC! The developers at Gelid Games have been working tirelessly to giveContinue Reading

Be a Savvier Saboteur in Wheels of Destruction

Gelid Games has had an amazing launch with Wheels of Destruction, the game that transforms what a car combat game can be. Some players have found that there is a learning curve with this game, but  players who master the controls find impressive ways to take command of the battle field using advanced techniques and maneuverability.Continue Reading

Know the Battle Field with The Final Wheels of Destruction Class – The Engineer

They say that knowledge is power, and in Wheels of Destruction, the Engineer lives and dies by this core belief. Equipped with an advanced sonar device, taking shots from a distance is a breeze. Before enemies can even get a read on the Engineer, this class has a lock-on achieved and a kill shot fired.Continue Reading

Fourth Car Class, the Soldier, Revealed for Wheels of Destruction

More Than ‘Middle of the Road,’ This Wheels of Destruction Class is a Master of All – The Soldier With the fast pace of a shrapnel-riddled battlefield, players will often need to be equipped for any situation. Be prepared for anything coming your way with the Soldier – Wheels of Destruction’s most well-rounded class. He’sContinue Reading

Wheels of Destruction Available March 27 Exclusively for PlayStation®Network

Take on the World in the Premier Downloadable Car Combat Game for PSN, Coming March 27 at $9.99 Santa Clara, CA – March 20, 2012 – Gelid Games is proud to announce that Wheels of Destruction is coming exclusively to PlayStation®Network on March 27 for $9.99. Wheels of Destruction has been trickling in a slewContinue Reading

Wheels of Destruction Unveils the Deadliest Class – The Assassin

Santa Clara, CA – March 14, 2012 – Get in. Get out. The competition doesn’t stand a chance. Unlike the rest, the Assassin is in a class of its own, sniping prey by the dozens before others can line up their shots. No class can compete with the blazingly fast firing rate of the Assassin. Obviously,Continue Reading

A New Class to Bulldoze the Competition in Wheels of Destruction — The Heavy

Santa Clara, CA – February 28, 2012 – Why take crap from the little guys when you can swat them off like the insects they are? Meet the newest class in Wheels of Destruction, the Heavy – a brick powerhouse with armor to spare. Joining the Scout as one of the five classes in this cut-throat, onlineContinue Reading

Wheels of Destruction Unleashes First Class Trailer — The Scout

Does ripping a car into metal sinew and carnage sound like a blast to you? If so, then please direct your attention to the Scout in the upcoming PlayStation®Network title, Wheels of Destruction. As one of five dynamic vehicle classes, the Scout stands as the fastest, most unforgiving infiltrator in the bunch. An absolute mustContinue Reading

Wheels of Destruction: World Tour Coming Soon to PlayStation®Network

Take on the World in the Premier Downloadable Car Combat Game for PSN, as Players Duke it out in a Lethal Battle for Vehicular Authority Santa Clara, CA – February 8, 2012 – Gelid Games announced today that Wheels of Destruction: World Tour is coming soon on PlayStation® Network. Wheels of Destruction: World Tour isContinue Reading

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