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Debs And Errol

I am really excited about this month’s featured independent band. I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for the completion of their first album so that I could feature them. They are geeky. They are Canadian! HUZZAH!–as Errol would say. They have a webcomic, one that I’ve been mentioned in and subsequently became Geek of the Week. They areContinue Reading

Two Tribes

Have you ever heard a song and immediately you became obsessed with it? So obsessed that you want to listen to it for hours and days on end? So obsessed that that is exactly what you end up doing? As we are nerds and geeks, being obsessive is one of our defining characteristics, so I’mContinue Reading

Erin Hill

Much overdue, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you another featured independent musician. Her name is Erin Hill and she plays the harp. Yes, THE HARP! Not only does she play the harp, but she is a geek and writes sci-fi songs, which she plays on the harp. Yes, THE HARP! SheContinue Reading

Marian Call

Hopefully, this month’s Featured Independent Musician is no stranger to a lot of my readers. And if she is, you are in for a treat. She is extremely talented, witty, charming, has a wonderful heart and soul and is one of my favourite female singer/ songwriters. Plus, she is a nerd. She also plays aContinue Reading


I am very excited about this month’s featured independent band. Some of you are probably already familiar with their work, as it has been mentioned on this site before. Some of you are probably familiar with the individuals comprising this band, as each of them has had various mentions on Geeky Pleasures. In case youContinue Reading

Christopher Cogott

It is with my absolute pleasure that I present to you my Featured Independent Musician for the month of February: Chris Cogott (@chriscogott). Chris made it to my music radar during the White Elephant Music Club‘s first music challenge, The Skultar Sword and Sorcery challenge (which he won), where I immediately adored his music. HeContinue Reading

IRIS Corporation

It is with my huge pleasure that IRIS Corporation is the first Featured Independent Band for 2011. I became aware of this fantabulous band when they sent me a friend request on YouTube. I was immediately impressed by their sound. It is a very wonderful fusion of a few of my favourite genres. Located inContinue Reading

Mitchell Adam Johnson

As the winner of SpinTunes #2, Mitchell Adam Johnson is Geeky Pleasures’ Featured Independent Musician for the month of December. He managed to consistently write good quality songs for each round, impressing many. Below you will find his bio, 5 tracks (if you are viewing this in an RSS reader, you’ll need to visit theContinue Reading

Jeff MacDougall

It is my great pleasure to feature Jeff MacDougall as Geeky Pleasures’ Featured Independent Musician for the month of October (insert fanfare here)! I got to know Jeff through the wonderful people of Too Much Awesome, a new model musician community, which sprung up around Masters of Song Fu. Jeff was one of the co-founders,Continue Reading

Kevin Savino-Riker

It is my great pleasure to feature Kevin Savino-Riker, as my Featured Independent Musician for the month of September. Regular readers of Geeky Pleasures may already be familiar with Kevin as he is my minion has been mentioned a few times on the site: for his participation in SpinTunes 1, video tapping w00tstock 2.4 for meContinue Reading

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