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Help Len Peralta KickStart Geek A Week Year: Five: Two

Today, Len Peralta unveiled his latest Kickstarter: Geek A Week Year: Five: Two. Boy, oh boy, am I ever excited. If the above beyond adorable video with Len’s daughter isn’t enough to sell you, let me give you a little bit more information.Continue Reading

The Fallout and Aftermath of the 82 Canadianisms Survey

The reaction to the original GeekMom post was rather extraordinary. It became the subject of national news headlines. I was interviewed on a number of radio programmes. It was discussed across various forums and places around the internet. And, the survey even received a very honourable mention from the English department at the University of British Columbia. What UBC had to say about my survey caused me to squee, just a wee bit. There were also a number of frequently asked questions that I simply do not have the time to address individually.Continue Reading

Go Whack An Elf! I Know You Wanna

With six days remaining until Christmas, you may be feeling a mix of stress, annoyance, dread, and guilt for not being completely in the “holiday spirit.” You could also have this mixed with joy and excitement. It’s all okay, no matter what you’re feeling. This time of year is filled with all the pressures to live up to the Coca-Cola standard of Merry Ho-Ho-Ho. The solution: Whack-An-Elf.Continue Reading

How Well Do You Know These 82 Canadianisms?

There are a number of Geeky Pleasures’ readers who do not read GeekMom, but would probably be interested in the following. A little while ago, I surveyed 104 Americans, 52 Canadians, and 19 people from the following commonwealth countries: New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, England, and Wales, quizzing them on their knowledge of 82 different “Canadianisms. The results are in.Continue Reading

9 Tolkien-Themed Cross-Stitches To Celebrate “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”

Today, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is being released in theatres around the world. Those of us in North America have to wait until Friday. However, while you are waiting, perhaps you would be interested in heading over to Quirk Books and taking a look at these nine Tolkien-themed cross-stitch patterns that I’ve curated.Continue Reading

Voting For The Star Trek Book Club January Read Is Underway

Just in case you missed the news about the Star Trek book club and you want to participate, this is a quick note to let you know that voting for January’s book is now open on the United Federation of Planets’ website. Also, there is more information about the rank, rewards, and badges participants will receive, and how the discussions will take place.Continue Reading

Star Trek Book Club Coming Soon!

Very soon, the United Federation of Planets website will be re-launching. As part of the re-launch, the United Federation of Planets website will be the home of a Star Trek book club, and you are invited! Also, your book suggestions are requested.Continue Reading

Geeky Pleasures Is Back, Plus New RSS Feed Information

The server migration and associated bug repairs are finally complete. This also means there has been changes to some RSS feeds. Depending on how you subscribe to Geeky Pleasures and the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show, you may need to update your feed.Continue Reading

10 Amazing Cross-Stitch Patterns to Celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Thanks to a couple of hiccoughs, the server migration is taking a little bit longer than expected to complete. Another day, or so, and all the kinks should be ironed out. To tide you over until that moment arrives, I thought maybe you’d be interested in a list I created at Quirk Books, to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th, that contains 10 amazing and geeky Doctor Who cross-stitch patterns.Continue Reading

At GeekMom, I Share My Experiences With Online Harassment and How It Is An “In Real Life” Problem

Not since I first started to write for GeekMom a few years ago have I used Geeky Pleasures to bring attention to a post I’ve written. Because of the nature of today’s post, I think it is very important that it is widely-read outside of the normal GeekMom audience. For the first time, I speak publicly with honesty and as with as much openness as I am comfortable about my experiences with online harassment.Continue Reading

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