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The Known Universe

Goosebumps. Serious case of goosebumps every single time I watch this. What a freaking amazing time in history we live in, especially when we are able to create videos such as these to illustrate the fraction of information we know about the Universe in which we inhabit. Thanks to @JoeCovenant for sending me this. WatchContinue

Mind Blowing Carl Sagan Remixes

I don’t even know how to express the awesome that are these Glorious Dawn remixes available at ¬†Symphony of Science for free. Mind blowing, soul igniting and geekasm inducing is a just a few descriptors. First in the bunch, Triobelisk Remix which you can download here. Second is the WUB Dubstep Remix which you canContinue

Asterios Polyp

My good friend @Emorimiku is a big time comics nut. He loves to wear his Green Lantern shirt, his Flash hoodie, and is always finding some new and obscure work to wax poetic about in an attempt to capture my interest and suck me into the paneled and colorful world that he loves to explore.Continue

OG Vampires

I have to thank @achura for tweeting about this wonderful t-shirt. After he tweeted this geeky goodness he made a comment about The Count looking exceptionally happy or something to that effect. Well there is a reason for The Count looking as lustful as he does. If you missed it before, The Count likes toContinue

Sexy Vampyres

Last week for Geek of the Week I featured Storm from Paul and Storm and part 1 of his Sexy Vampyres saga. Well the saga continued this week. Not only is there 1 new installment but there are 2! PLUS a podcast of this delightful story. If you have not already, read Emily and theContinue

To Infinity And Beyond

It has been awhile since I have posted a¬†NASA Image of the Day. This week there have been many “wow” images taken during STS-129. And people wonder why I wanted to be an Astronaut… As always, click on the image to view full size. All image descriptions courtesy of NASA. On flight day four ofContinue

Our Place In The Cosmos

Symphony of Science has done it yet again. They have made another brilliant song and video. This time it features Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Robert Jastrow and Michio Kaku. You can download the video and mp3 here. Lyrics: [Narrator] With every century Our eyes on the universe have been opened anew We are witness ToContinue

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

I have a confession to make. Some are already aware of this confession. Sometimes when I am heating up water in my microwave for tea, as I am pressing the buttons, I say, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” Often I pretend my microwave is a replicator. So imagine my squee when Wil Wheaton announced today youContinue

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