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Mark Wheatley

I am so very happy to have found a new artist to feature on Geeky Pleasures. It has been awhile since I’ve run across an artist who I would be honoured to featured here. His name: Mark Wheatley. You may be asking yourself, “Why does that name sound familiar?” Well that is because he was…Continue

Jules Walker

I am very excited about March’s Featured Artist of the Month! Jules Walker (nee Julia, but like me goes by Jules, @Liger), is a very talented young lady. I have mentioned her and her work a few times on my site (Behold! It’s A Cover! Of A Book!, Knitted Steel, Geek of the Week), but…Continue

Cassandra Pitman

Cassandra Pitman (or as she is commonly known, Cat) is my featured artist for the month of February. It has been awhile since someone has submitted their art for me to feature, and I am happy that I get to feature Cat’s. I asked for a bio, and like me, she had difficultly writing one…Continue

Duane Howard

Duane Howard is my featured artist for the month of September. I find his photography to be absolutely beautiful. Below you will find a few samples of his work. The Bench by ~Targett on deviantART The picnic of the gone by ~Targett on deviantART In thought by ~Targett on deviantART Sky Paths by ~Targett on…Continue

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