If You Want To Drive Yourself Mad Have Fun, Do The Debs And Errol Puzzle Hunt

Debs and Errol Puzzle Hunt
If you are looking for a challenging distraction, then I definitely recommend that you set aside many hours of your day for the Debs and Errol puzzle hunt.

As I mentioned the other day, Debs and Errol said they had something special for us to help celebrate 1000 comics and the end of the depression arc. That something special is a puzzle hunt.

Let me tell you, it’s damn challenging. Seriously. Consider yourself warned. I don’t think I have ever been this challenged doing puzzles. Errol has quite the brain in him. Some may argue, he’s using his brain for evil, and not good, in the construction of this hunt.

But, if you are anything like me, challenges are fun. Especially when there are things you have to solve.

Also, if you are anything like me, you probably won’t be able to concentrate on anything else until you have SOLVED ALL THE PUZZLES! For the last two days, work has been ignored because the puzzles were consuming my every thought. I even had to learn all about Boolean. They aren’t just an alien race who took advantage of the Bajoran wormhole and the Maquis stole some of their freighters. I knew I married a developer for a reason.

But, I successfully completed them today, so back to the real world I come. Consider yourself warned, again.

Errol has been encouraging people to help each other. So, I will be more than happy to help in the comments by giving some hints, if you specifically ask for them. I also have a couple of hints below:

  1. Important! Keep a running list of all your passwords as you solve the puzzles. If you close the tab, you’ll need to re-enter the password.
  2. For puzzle #2, this image I created may help you on your way. Remember: All rules of the game apply, so the image is not done.
  3. For puzzle #5, if you are using GIMP, make sure your threshold is down all the way to 1.0.
  4. For puzzle #6, you may need this image if you are not in the Eastern timezone, because Facebook is timezone specific. You will definitely need it if you don’t use Facebook.
  5. For puzzle #7, use an image that is in this post, not the one on the Debs and Errol website. The one here is bigger and easier to see. It’ll make sense if you make it that far.
  6. For puzzle #10, if it was a board game, your piece would begin on the green dot, not the first square.
  7. For puzzle #13, you’ll need to solve for x. No online solver will help you on this one. Time to break out the paper and pencil, or text editor, and use your brains.

Go, now! And have fun while secretly trying to plot ways to kill Errol.

PS: The prize for finishing is awesome.


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11 Responses to If You Want To Drive Yourself Mad Have Fun, Do The Debs And Errol Puzzle Hunt

  1. Is this where one can post to request hints?

    I’ve been stuck on puzzle #11 (The compass binary-puzzle board game thing). While you’ve already mentioned where I need to start from, I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to move, or what “in 28 seconds” means.

    I also can’t see how one is supposed to get 3 different numbers from those 3 tiles since they’re all exactly the same.

  2. Well, I’ve tried looking at the comics for the decimal numbers written, as well as translated the binary and hex to decimal and looked at those. Plus tried looking at all of the numbers in octal, hex, and decimal.
    I know I totally overthink these… Uncle Errol has given me hints for the others at times and most of the time it was something simple that I just overlooked!

    • Too be honest, I took a wild stab at it and happened to get it right, so I’ll just give you my answer, almost…

      First set of numbers is Binary (2)
      Second set of number is Octal (8)
      Third is Decimal (10)
      Fourth is Hex (16)

      I converted all the numbers to Decimal (meaning the third number stays as is) and looked at all the comics. With a kinda exception of the last one, there is some extra background around Errol’s head that isn’t in the others and his signature is on the laptop. So, it looked to me like Errol was being singled out.

      Not sure I had it correct, I looked at other variables, treating both middle numbers as if they were decimal and looking at the Octal equivalent. In those instances, it was only Errol who made the blurb.

      I tried Errol as a password. When that didn’t work, I used how he tends to respond on social media like Facebook and Twitter because I saw it in one of the backgrounds.

      Makes me wonder how others got it, because I was just taking a lot of stabs until I got it.

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