You Need To Listen To The Princess Bride Rock Musical by Copy Red Leader


Princess. Bride. Rock. Musical! Wait! Don’t roll your eyes just yet! It’s actually really good. I mean really. My first reaction upon learning this exists was a fair amount of trepidation and doubt. And then, I took the time to listen. It’s really nice when fans make things based upon the things they love. These creations can be such marvelous things, as is the case with this 15-song tribute to The Princess Bride by Copy Red Leader.

This 15-song tribute includes a wide variety of music. You like the bowchickabowwow sounds of Marvin Gaye? It’s got that. You like the sounds of bluegrass? It’s got that. In the mood to just rawk? Guess what? You’re covered there, too! Feel like sipping on some scotch and listening to the blues? Well, what do you know? It totally has that, too. Maybe you just want to break out to a sick beat. Copy Red Leader (@CopyRedLeader) totally has you covered, yo. You want funny and smart lyrics? Yup. Got it.

Other than thanking Errol Elumir (@Elumir) of Debs and Errol (@debsanderrol) for bringing the fact this is a thing to my attention, the only thing left to say is, take some time to listen to the album, embedded below for your convenience.  If you don’t, we may have to fight to the pain!

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