Swissted by Mike Joyce is Gorgeous Art

SwisstedWhat happens when punk rock meets Swiss modern design? You get a book filled with clean and stunning art.

Released today, and published by Quirk Books, Swissted by Mike Joyce is filled with 200 ready-to-frame re-imagined punk rock concert posters, but with a twist.

In a few words, it is a typography nerds dream come true. It will also appeal to modern art lovers, and people who like clean lines and vibrant colours. There are also some posters that have a retro feel to them, like the Dead Kennedys with Butthole Surfers and Rites of Spring  in Washington, D.C. (1985), David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars in Cleveland, OH (1972), and Television in New York, NY (1975) posters, just to name three.

Intrigued? Look through the preview below.

Honestly, I do not think the preview does the book justice. So, I suggest you visit to see even more stunning posters.

As I mentioned above, the posters are ready-t0-frame. Each poster has a perforated edge, allowing you to tear out the 11×14 poster. But, there is one slight criticism I have of this book.

Unlike the Gig Posters books that contain a little bit about the artist, including education, location, information about their influences, preferred medium/methods, when and why they started to design gig posters, remarks and more, on the back of each poster, in Swissted each page is double-sided. So, if you wanted to frame each poster, you can’t. You’d have to choose your favourite 100 posters. Though, if you wanted to quickly change the art in your room, then I suppose you could just remove the poster from the frame, flip it around, and you’re done.

I realize that there is only one artist’s work in Swissted, but I would have preferred it if there was some information attached to each poster. For example: information about the band featured, why Mike Joyce chose this particular show, the inspiration for the art, and, perhaps, a small image of the original poster. However, I’m certain there would have been some copyright issues to sort out in order to display the original poster, so I can let that last example go.

Despite my one criticism, I’m not sure many people will decide to frame the posters in Swissted. Personally, I enjoy flipped through the book and drooling over all the gorgeous art. I’d also be afraid that if I did frame and hang the posters, in time, they would fade. If I were to decide to frame the posters, I’d purchase another copy, leaving one copy “unharmed.”

If you have nerdgasms over graphics and typography, or you if enjoy clean, vibrant, and delicious art, then Swissted will make an excellent addition to your library.

You can purchase Swissted via, Barnes & Noble, Indigo Books and Music, or wherever books are sold.

A copy of this book was provided for the purposes of this review.

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