Chuck Norris: Longer And Harder by Ian Spector Review

chuck norris longer harderChuck Norris: Longer and Harder: The Complete Chronicle of the World’s Deadliest, Sexiest, and Beardiest Man by Ian Spector is the latest book in the New York Times bestselling series. It contains 1500 “facts” — and by “facts” they mean unauthorized parodies. Some of the “facts” were previously published — and by some, they mean 1400 are previously published, with the latest installment including 100 new “facts.” So, should you buy it?

The answer to that question depends on a number of things.

  1. Are you the type of person to laugh at a funeral?
  2. Do you enjoy a good dick joke, bathroom humour, and other forms of “inappropriate” humour?
  3. Did you enjoy any of the other Chuck Norris “facts” books?
  4. Does the idea of a book containing “facts” about Chuck Norris that are so antithetical to the reality that is Chuck Norris, and his personal and political views, amuse you?
  5. Do you enjoy over-the-top drawings, such as Richard Simmons with a back-bend, flying through the air, with a rainbow emanating from his body?
  6. Do you consider yourself to be not a fan of Chuck Norris or the meme surrounding him?
  7. Are you a fan of the Chuck Norris meme?

If you answered “yes” to any, or all of the above questions, then I do recommend you buy this book.

If you’ve read any of the other books in this series and you think you have a good idea of the level of “inappropriate” humour contained within these “facts,” you may just be wrong. Ian Spector managed to kick it up a notch, bringing the humour to a whole new level of, “This book contains humour that may be objectionable to some readers. Reader discretion is strongly advised.”

Where I had no issue with my youngest reading the previous book in this series, even with the inappropriate humour, I’m am more hesitant to allow him to read this one. I would rate this book PG-13. My youngest son is nearly 14, he hears worse at school and I’m certain he could make his own equally “inappropriate” jokes, but there are a few new jokes that have me contemplating when I should allow him to further indulge in his love of the Chuck Norris meme.

The above is not meant to be a criticism, because I am a huge fan of the type of humour found in this book. There are many times I found myself laughing, really loud, and thinking, “It is a good thing I don’t believe in hell. Because if I did, that is where I’d be going for finding this hilarious.” But I feel a subject matter warning is necessary with the latest installment of these books.

As for questions six, as I said in my review of The Last Stand of Chuck Norris, I’m not a fan of the person that is Chuck Norris, any of his movies, and I’m not fond of internet memes. But because my answer to questions 1 – 5 is “yes,” I enjoyed the book. The thing about the Chuck Norris “facts” is you could replace “Chuck Norris” with the person of your choice — say William Shatner or David Hasselhoff — and the jokes — except the beard ones — still hold their ground. The political and religious “facts” lose their impact, unless you replace “Chuck Norris” for one of your other “favourite” right-wing political types — say Clint Eastwood.

Don’t buy the book if you are easily offended. Don’t buy the book if you only like your jokes to be politically correct. Don’t buy the book for the young Chuck Norris fan in your life. Do buy the book if your sense of humour causes you to receive bizarre looks from others.

You can preview Chuck Norris: Longer and Harder: The Complete Chronicle of the World’s Deadliest, Sexiest, and Beardiest Man on Google Play.

You can purchase Chuck Norris: Longer and Harder: The Complete Chronicle of the World’s Deadliest, Sexiest, and Beardiest Man on Amazon, Indigo Books & Music, Kobo Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBookstore, or wherever books are sold.

Don’t forget to listen to my conversation with Ian Spector, and read a brief Q&A with Ian.

A copy of this book was provided for the purpose of this review.

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