10 Geeky Places to Shop For The Holidays – Guest Post by Chris Turton

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I have stepped in to help Jules bring you a quick guide to some of my favourite geek stores worldwide, from shirts, to gadgets to puzzles, if you can’t find the perfect geek gift on these sites, it doesn’t exist!

portal-sentryturret1. Thinkgeek.com

A personal favourite, thinkgeek.com has some of the wackiest, most awesome gadgets ever, from Portal USB sentry turrets to Doctor Who goodies and Minecraft foam pickaxes, there is something for everyone.

2. Firebox.com

Firebox is a huge gadgets and gizmos store, including the awesome Bluetooth gloves, which do make you look insane if you’re using them, we also love the duff beer cans or how about the game of thrones replica iron throne? Yours for just a mere $32,000.

3. Puzzlewarehouse.com

They don’t have the prettiest website but Puzzle Warehouse has over 7000 games, jigsaws and toys, they also have hundreds of great brain teasers, if you fancy giving someone a challenge this Christmas get yourself a “Nanayama” puzzle

4. Fpnyc.com (Forbidden Planet)

A favourite of mine, forbidden planet has some of the coolest graphic novels, gaming figures and comics known to man, also some awesome Manga and posters. Some of my favourites are the Batman statues, incredible detailing.

dark_knight_rises_flash_drive_news5. Everythingusb.com

You will never guess what these guys sell…. OK obviously they sell the coolest USB gifts on the planet, including an official Dark Knight flash drive, even if Batman does get decapitated in use.

6. Chargrilled.co.uk

A UK company, but also check out zazzle.com, we love the amount of geek shirts available from these guys. There a lot of shirt companies out there, but these guys make some fantastic statements reserved only for the most hardcore geeks!

7. Amazon.co.uk

Yes the monster store has some of the best ranges of books on the planet, gaming, graphic novels, tech, anything you could want at an extremely competitive price, love them or hate them it would be a crime not to mention them!

8. X-tremegeek.com

Big site dealing with a huge range of stuff from magic tricks to camera accessories and robots, make some fantastic Christmas gifts at very reasonable prices. I do also love their pet gadgets range including the Cat fire truck!

9. Ohmygeek.com.au

I had only came across this site whilst researching this article but as soon as I found the Half Life 2 Headcrab, I realised it had to be on this list! I also recommend checking out their Bacon Air freshener!

10. Geekcantina.com

Has a smaller range than the others but these guys also have some cool Japanese Kawaii toys, art and build-your-own Ballista’s and trebuchets, great place for the friend who has everything!

Chris Turton
Chris Turton is a Gaming and Gadget Geek who runs the website of gaming pc company Palicomp.

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