TV Junkies Get Their Fix With New App – Guest Post by Elizabeth Robinson

With Shazam’s new TV companion app, viewers enjoy a multi-media experience when watching any television show in the U.S. The media-engagement company expanded its music app to support TV programming on any channel at anytime, according to the company’s website.

Become a Know-it-All

For four years, the company targeted smart phone users, helping them identify any song they hear on the spot. If listening to a familiar melody on the radio or even an obscure tune playing in an elevator, users can quickly learn the song’s name through Shazam’s audio-recognition technology. With the expansion to a TV second-screen service, the app now recognizes the music aired during a TV show and now so much more.

When watching funny videos online or on TV, viewers can have fast-and-easy access to information about a show’s cast, trivia, photos, celebrity gossip and more. According to, after “tagging” a show, the screen will provide the above-stated information and convenient links to Wikipedia, Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) and the official site for the show. Users are also able to share information on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

A Quarter Billion People Can’t be Wrong

Back in August, the company reached an all-time high when fans using the service to identify songs reached 5 billion tags. Pop singer P!nk’s new song “Blow Me One Last Kiss” marked the fifth billion tag mark, according to During the London Olympic Games, NBC viewers using Shazam could unlock extras such as unique content on athletes, medal counts and more. With the company progressing exponentially in terms of users, songs, tags and more, the Sept. 17 “major milestone” announcement of television support came as no surprise.

The company claims more than a quarter of a billion users globally. As it has naturally progressed from audio recognition of songs to audio recognition of TV shows, Shazam now hopes to push into the advertising market.

On to the Next One

According writer Steve Knopper, “Shazam execs hope to work directly with brands so a user can Shazam an ad, then instantly get more information about a product and connect with company sales reps.” The goal would be to connect consumers and companies, fostering a better understanding and loyalty between the two.

Recently, the company partnered with MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) — the interactive-media and Internet company of Major League Baseball — to provide sports fans with an interactive mobile experience while watching the playoffs and the World Series. Its first-ever partner ship with a professional sports league, the company hopes to enhance the TV-watching experience for fans across the country. According to, users can access the app anytime to find game statistics, MLB news, expert analysis and more.

The expansion connects users with more information and sharing capabilities, as well as increases an artist’s exposure and chance of being discovered on television. Boosting sales and improving the all-around media experience, Shazam helps music lovers find their favorite songs and television junkies learn more about new shows.

Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth has been writing about TV and movies for more than 20 years. She lives in Vermont with her husband and their two Yorkies: Laverne and Shirley.

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