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Jules Sherred is the parent of two teenage boys, freelance writer, web designer, author of Five Little Zombies and Fred, General Manager and radio personality at The Look 24/7, owner of the largest Star Trek community on Google+, Geeky Pleasures creator, geek support for Parsec Award winning The Minister of Chance, and more. On the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show, Jules has interviewed Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Coulton, Phil Plait, Sylvester McCoy, Richard Hatch, Paul and Storm, R.A. Salvatore, John Kovalic, and so many more. Jules' writing can also be found on Hugo Award winning SF Signal, GeekMom, United Federation of Pla.net/s, Nerdy With Children, Star Wars vs Star Trek. Slowly, Jules is working on another book titled Nerd Love. You can follow Jules on Twitter @GeekyJules. Also, JULES LOVES STAR TREK.

The Winners Of The ‘Five Little Zombies And Fred’ Giveaway Are…

Last night, at 23:59, my giveaway celebrating the release of my latest book, Five Little Zombies And Fred, and the re-launch of Geeky Pleasures ended.

Thirteen people left comments. However, only 12 of them counted towards the giveaway. After eliminating the seventh comment — at the request of the person who left the comment — I renumbered comments 8 through 13 accordingly — comment #8 became #7, comment #9 became #8, etc.

Then using a random number generator, I drew 6 numbers. The numbers, in order of draw, are: 2, 1, 4, 11, 9, 10. The first three numbers that were drawn are receiving the paperback version of Five Little Zombies And Fred, the DRM-Free PDF version, and the Five Little Zombies And Fred music album. The last three numbers that were drawn are receiving the DRM-Free PDF version of Five Little Zombies And Fred, and the music album.

The winners are:

  • Totz the Plaid
  • Jason
  • Manda
  • David Ritter
  • Dave
  • Lea

The winners have already been notified via e-mail. If you are one of the winners listed above, and have not received your e-mail with details on how to claim your prize, please check your spam folder.

Don’t forget, you can purchase Five Little Zombies And Fred in a variety of formats. More details on the formats and where you can purchase them are found on the Five Little Zombies And Fred website. Also, you can purchase the music album on Bandcamp. And there is a whole line of Five Little Zombies And Fred merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts, covers for your electronic devices, posters, stickers, and a lot more. If you already have a copy of the book, a review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Tony Miller says:

    Congrats to the winners!

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