illo – birth of the cool / 3D Action Puzzle Gets Itself Ready!

illo – birth of the cool is an action puzzle adventure designed for Apple iOS and Android handhelds/tablets and now PC. Players can touch, feel, move and throw illo across luxurious dream-scape environments, avoiding dangerous obstacles and some very bizarre creatures indeed. illo – birth of the cool promises to be a game unlike any other. With its Kickstarter funding campaign entering its second week, work has already begun on the game itself.

Massi Di Monda, CEO of Raylight said, “We’ve begun initial pre-development on illo. We’ve released a new trailer on the opening sequences of the game, showing illo within his little egg being carried by the wind into a scary and abstract world. We want to illustrate the high quality in graphics style to match Luca Eliani’s vision.”

YouTube Preview Image

The illo project is also being followed exclusively by EDGE magazine in a developer diary on the project providing insights on the entire project with Kickstarter, here’s Part 1: and Part 2:

Massi concludes; “illo is a brave and exciting game and it’ll be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.”

To see more of the game visit the illo – birth of the cool Kickstarter page now:

To find out more about illo and his Kickstarter progress, go to:

Official website:    

Facebook page:

Twitter: @illothecool

Raylight S.r.l.
Raylight is the leading independent Italian videogames developer based in Napoli. Established in 2000 by Francesco Paduano, Massimiliano Di Monda and Fausto Cardone, the goal of the founders was to create a new reality for the creation and development of high quality videogames: a new reference point in the game industry.

Raylight became an official Nintendo GameBoy Color developer, and in 2001, an official developer for GameBoy Advance. In recent years, Raylight’s reputation has soared thanks to the development of their Blueroses engine and tools, and the development of the highly acclaimed Wing Commander Prophecy on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

At present, Raylight is the leading independent Italian videogames development studio with dozens of games released all over the world, on a wide range of platforms including iOS and Android for international publishers. Visit for more information.

Luca Eliani – the Creator of illo
Luca discovered videogames at 7 years old in beautiful Roma, Italy and has been playing them ever since. Around that time he remembers drawing, painting and designing his unique ideas for the first time.

Luca has made art the focus of his career and his life and he produces it wherever and however possible and admires art in all its forms. He knows that videogames are a form of expression and he isn’t afraid to say that videogames are the most important art form of the 21st century. As an artist, art lover and videogame fan for over three decades, it was always assumed that sooner or later Luca would develop a game of his own. Take a look at his personal site

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