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Casual Brothers Studio Seeks $32,000 to Complete Amazing Title for Home Consoles and PC

London, England – October 31, 2012 – Casual Brothers announced today Orc Attack has debuted as one of the first video games on the UK version of the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Orc Attack is set in a fantasy universe where humans are the bad guys and orcs are their flatulent victims. This hack-and-slash adventure is scheduled to release on home consoles and PC in March 2013.

Casual Brothers is seeking $32,000 (£20,000) to finish its game. Players can support Orc Attack on Kickstarter.com here.

View the latest gameplay trailer here:

YouTube Preview Image

View the Kickstarter video here:

  YouTube Preview Image

Orc Attack is a 1-4 player cooperative hack-and-slash adventure game placing gamers in the boots of a horde of disgusting orcs as they embark on a do-or-die mission to destroy their human enemies. A hit with critics, Orc Attack has already won the 2011 Develop Conference’s People’s Choice Award and was the runner up for Game Connection’s 2012 Most Promising Indie Game.

In Orc Attack, players will enjoy a variety of gameplay features, including:

  • Two different gameplay modes: The Magic Mode, in which orcs perform magical spells with devastating effects on their enemies; and The Dirty Mode, in which orcs produce vile and dangerous gasses creating explosions and other devastating effects on their enemies.
  • Local and online 2-4 person cooperative play.
  • An intelligent new camera system enabling players to share the same camera without losing sight of their co-op friends.
  • 15 different levels across four expansive environments.
  • As players progress, they gain experience and unlock new attack combinations, more efficient gas powers, additional strength, and increase in speed.
  • Using runes (the game’s currency), players can buy new equipment, weapons, power-ups, armor, and magic elixirs at the Orc Store.
  • Gamers can evolve their orc avatars and distribute experience points to different characteristics such as strength, speed, and resistance to differentiate fighting styles.

For its Kickstarter supporters, Casual Brothers is offering multiple levels of compensation. All rewards include a digital copy of Orc Attack to be delivered in March 2013 and the Orc Attack prototype to be delivered as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is over. All physical rewards will be delivered in January 2013 with the in-game rewards coming when the game launches in March 2013.

Orc Attack is not yet rated.

For more information on Orc Attack, please visit: www.casualbrothers.com

Follow Casual Brothers on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook.

Veterans with extensive experience in the games industry, Casual Brothers was created as a new journey, as if we were starting from scratch in the world of downloadable games. We want to give a fresh, young and modern image, an online image. In this new beginning, Casual Brothers is like we use to be not so long ago, a bunch of guys working as a kind of garage band: no big offices, no big budget, no bosses; just a group of friends making what we believe and love: videogames. Our first title, Orc Attack, grew day-by-day, from a little casual game, hence our name of Casual Brothers, to something that we think is bigger and better, in part by chance, but above all, by every day’s hard work. Orc Attack will be available for download in all platforms in March 2013.

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