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June 6, 2012

‘Phineas and Ferb: The Perry Files’ DVD Review

They’re brothers. They’re curious inventors. They like to have fun. They have a sister who lives to try and get them into trouble. Shenanigans and hijinks follow them where ever they go. They are Phineas and Ferb. And they have a pet platypus named Perry.

Phineaus and Ferb: The Perry Files highlights the adventures of Perry the Platypus — a.k.a Agent P — and his quests to thwart the plans of his nemesis, Dr Doofenshmirtz. Included on this two-disc DVD combo pack are the following episodes:

  1. No More Bunny Business / Spa Day
  2. Split Personality / Brain Drain
  3. Candace Disconnected / Magic Carpet Ride
  4. Ask A Foolish Question / Misperceived Monotreme
  5. Mommy Can You Hear Me? / Road Trip
  6. Perry The Actorpus / Bullseye!
  7. Escape From Phineas Tower / The Remains Of The Platypus
The bonus features on Disc 1 are:
  • Nerves Of Teal — Do you have nerves of teal? Then OWCA (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) wants you! See if you have what it takes to become like Agent P in this spy recruiting video.
  • Platybus Tour — Take a look inside the Platybus!

Including special features, the total approximate running time for the first disc is 154 minutes. The episodes alone have an approximate running time of 135 minutes, a good chunk of time for your child to find out what Phineas and Ferb will do today, watch Agent P put an end to Dr Doofenshmirtz plans, sing and dance along with Phineas, Ferb and their friends, and watch as Candace fails, yet again, at catching Phineas and Ferb in the act.

But there is even more! The more about this DVD combo pack is what, as a parent, I like the most.

The first of these bonuses is the second disc. It is a digital copy of the episodes, without bonus features. The digital copy can be downloaded into iTunes, and then synced across all of your Apple devices — great bonus for travelling and car rides — it works with Windows Media Player, and can be played on your MAC or PC.

The second of these bonuses is a really cute and fun activity pack. Included in the activity pack are the following:

  1. A “Today I Feel” fridge magnet — my favourite thing in the pack.
  2. Help Agent P Find The Clues
  3. A jigsaw puzzle
  4. Stickers
  5. A postcard
  6. All wrapped up in Agent P’s headquarters

Released yesterday — June 5, 2012 — you can purchase this DVD, filled with great bonuses, at Amazon, Indigo Books & Music, or wherever DVDs are sold.

Canadian Residents: Don’t forget, I’m giving away 3 copies of this DVD, courtesy of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada. The giveaway ends this Friday, June 8, 2012, at 11:59 pm PDT.

A copy of this DVD was provided for the purposes of this review.

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