Guy McLimore To Co-Host The Geeky Pleasures Radio Show June 22, 2012

I am very excited to announced that Guy McLimore (@couchguy) will be joining me on the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show at The Look 24/7 (@TheLook247) on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 7 pm PT/ 10 pm ET/ 3 am (Saturday) in the UK. Aside from Guy being a really wonderful person, one of the reasons this conversation has me so excited is because he is one of the designers of the Star Trek RPG you see in my Twitter avatar and in my profile picture on Google Plus.

If have any questions for Guy and are unable to tune-in live, then you can e-mail your questions to Please e-mail them by 12 pm PT/ 3 pm ET/ 8 pm UK time on Friday, March 9, 2012. If you are able to join us live, then tune-in here and join us in chat here, so that you can participate in the conversation.

Now, a little bit about Guy:

Guy McLimore started earning his geek cred early, featured in a national article for reading at a fifth grade level… at age 4. An active board and miniatures wargamer in graduate school, he was an early convert to the new “role-playing game” hobby with the release of the original brown-boxed set of Dungeons & Dragons. His first gamemaster was the late John M. Ford, legendary game, science fiction and fantasy author.

As a result, Guy didn’t finish his thesis, but he did break into game design as a profession, first with an article on Metamorphosis: Alpha in Dragon #9, and later as a freelance designer working for pioneers of the industry such as TSR, R. Talsorian Games, and Metagaming. At Metagaming, he followed the departing Steve Jackson as Line Editor of The Fantasy Trip game system.

Guy also was an early participant in the pre-internet online world, having worked as one of the first gaming and science fiction section editors for the old AppleLink online service as it grew into America Online. He dived into the internet with the complete abandon of someone who knows that the digital realm is perhaps his only real natural element, and has never come up for air since.

Guy and his long-time partners Greg Poehlein and (the late) David F. Tepool worked as an independent design team while making the RPG convention circuit during the height of the role-playing boom. It was at this time that a chance meeting with Jordan Weisman at FASA Corporation led to the trio being offered the opportunity to develop the first official role-playing game system for Star Trek.

After three other design teams had been unable to turn in manuscripts meeting Paramount Studios’ rigorous licensed product approval process, FASA faced an incredibly short deadline to finish the game before their license option ran out. The group, operating as Fantasimulations Associates, had to complete the development of the character generation, man-to-man combat and starship combat systems for the game in only 5 weeks. The systems were approved by Paramount, and the team went on to be the primary authors and developers for two editions of Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game and the best-selling system’s many expansions, supplements and adventures under the FASA banner.

The pre-publication work on ST:RPG coincided with the publishing of John Ford’s classic Star Trek novel The Final Reflection, and the two old grad school roommates reunited on developing the game’s Klingon Empire supplement based on the novel’s look inside the Klingon culture. The FASA gig was a dream come true for Guy, who never left behind his youthful obsession with the original series. He describes his time writing, promoting and traveling to conventions while leaving his own small creative mark on the Star Trek franchise as “one of the best times of my life”. The trio ended their association with FASA just before the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation and a parting of the ways between FASA and Paramount over licensing issues.

Later, as the role-playing boom collapsed under the weight of more and more expensive hardback rulebooks and fewer new people entering the hobby, Guy and Greg joined with artist Gary M. Williams to found Microtactix Games. Where other publishers found distribution harder and harder to get through fewer and fewer venues, Microtactix pioneered as the first role-playing publisher doing primary sales and delivery as downloadable files through the internet. The group published well over 100 downloadable products, including Gary’s much-lauded cardstock game scenics, Greg’s Simply Roleplaying! universal RPG system, and the Origins Award-nominated Budget Battlefield miniatures ruleset.

In the meantime, Guy spent ten years turning his early affection for Apple computers (most of the ST:RPG books were written using a succession of Apple II and Macintosh systems) into a second profession as a mild-mannered Macintosh Systems Administrator for a Great Metropolitan Newspaper. After ten years of that, he left the profession but remained an active and enthusiastic blogger and observer of the Apple tech scene.

Guy has been married to his beloved Barbara for nearly 25 years; she has been through all of this craziness with him! They live in southern Indiana in a household with five much-spoiled cats. Cartoonist/gamer legend John Kovalic named the hopelessly geeky central character of the long-running Dork Tower comic series “Matt McLimore” in Guy’s honor — which Guy says he counts as the greatest honor he has ever received in the field.

Currently “semi-retired” from active professional game development, Guy is a call center leader for a large utility company, and continues writing and haunting the internet as a commentator on all the geeky things he has come to love, including Apple tech, digital comics, and tabletop gaming of all sorts — mostly as @couchguy on Twitter. You never know… he may yet decide he has one more big game in him!

We hope to see you on Friday!

Jules Sherred is the parent of two teenage boys, freelance writer, web designer, author of Five Little Zombies and Fred, General Manager and radio personality at The Look 24/7, owner of the largest Star Trek community on Google+, Geeky Pleasures creator, geek support for Parsec Award winning The Minister of Chance, and more. On the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show, Jules has interviewed Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Coulton, Phil Plait, Sylvester McCoy, Richard Hatch, Paul and Storm, R.A. Salvatore, John Kovalic, and so many more. Jules' writing can also be found on Hugo Award winning SF Signal, GeekMom, United Federation of, Nerdy With Children, Star Wars vs Star Trek. Slowly, Jules is working on another book titled Nerd Love. You can follow Jules on Twitter @GeekyJules. Also, JULES LOVES STAR TREK.

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