Geek Of The Week June 8, 2012

This week’s Geek of the Week caused me to squee for a number of reasons. In no particular order, these reasons are:

  1. It is Star Trek related.
  2. It is science related.
  3. I’m pals with David Allen Batchelor (@davidabatchelor), the guy who wrote the NASA article the following is based upon.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an infographic, created by Best Computer Science Degrees, The Science of Star Trek:

The Science of Star Trek
From: Best Computer Science Degree

Have a great weekend!

h/t to Jeff Smith on Google+

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2 Responses to Geek Of The Week June 8, 2012

  1. Interesting stuff. For our next trick, we should spend some time debating the plausibility ranking (I think universal translator is a bit low, especially if you don’t require it to be an instant universal translator).

    Oh, and it’s ‘make do’, not ‘due’.

    • I actually had the same thought when I saw where the translator sat. Dave is going to be on my Geeky Pleasures Radio Show in a few months. We’ll be sure to bring up this article. If there are any other points you are curious about, please let me know :)

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