PAX East 2012 Footage, Including Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm Concert Footage

Were you one of the people who were unable to make the journey to Boston this year for PAX East 2012? Were you sad that you missed the concerts? So was I. Many of my friends went. Yet again, Tom Giarrosso (@BoffoYuxDudes) was nice enough to capture video of the concerts with Paul and Storm (@paulandstorm) and Jonathan Coulton (@jonathancoulton), and more.

Behold them embedded below as a handy dandy playlist!

Paul & Storm Playlist

Jonathan Coulton Playlist

Glen Raphael Playlist (Live songs in the hallway, raws, etc.)

Mike Falzone by everyone Tom could find at PAX East

YouTube Preview Image

Glen Raphael live singing ‘Gorilla My Dreams’ for the concert line

YouTube Preview Image

Gears of War 3 Licensed headsets by Tritton

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