Help Fund Episode 3 Of 'The Minister Of Chance' And Become A Part Of 'Doctor Who' History

Do you want to help fund a piece of superb science-fiction? Do you want to help create a delicious audiodrama, dripping with sound so luscious it seeps from your ears, creating vibrant images within your brain? Do you want to be a part of and own a little piece of the Doctor Who universe? Of course you do!

Radio Static is currently raising funds to create The Minister of Chance Episode 3: Paludin Fields.

If you are not yet familiar with this brilliantly written and superbly produced audiodrama, The Minister Of Chance takes place in the Doctor Who universe. As described on The Minister‘s website:

The Minister of Chance is an audio Science Fiction Fantasy series in the tradition of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the best in radiophonics. It’s free, and you get it by subscribing to the podcast.

The Minister, like The Doctor, is a Timelord, first introduced to audiences in the award-winning and record-breaking BBC Doctor Who mini-series Death Comes to Time. He was originally played by Stephen Fry but, as Timelords will, he has now regenerated into Julian Wadham’s more austere and urgent incarnation.


The Minister Of Chance stars:

  1. Julian Wadham as The Minister. Other credits include: The English Patient, The Madness Of King George, War Horse, The Iron Lady and Downton Abbey. (LINKS: IMDB profile | Facebook profile)
  2. Jenny Agutter as Professor Cantha. Other credits include: Logan’s Run and An American Werewolf in London. (LINKS: Official Jenny Agutter site | IMDB profile)
  3. Gethin Anthony as Sutu. Other credits include: Game Of Thrones and Junk. (LINKS: Interview at Shadowlocked | IMDB profile)
  4. Lauren Crace as Kitty. Other credits include: EastEnders. (LINKS: IMDB profile | Facebook page)
  5. Sylvester McCoy as The Witch Prime. Other credits include: Doctor Who (7th Doctor) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. (LINKS: IMDB profile | The Sylvester McCoy Appreciation Society)
  6. Paul McGann as Durian. Other credits include: the 1996 Doctor Who movie. (LINKS: IMDB profile | The McGann Brothers’ Site)
  7. Paul Darrow as Lord Rathen. Other credits include: Drake’s 7 and Die Another Day. (LINKS: IMDB profile | The Paul Darrow Society | Shadowlocked interview)
  8. Peter Guinness as The Horseman. Other credits include: Alien 3 and Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. (LINKS: IMDB profile)

It also features:

MARK LEWIS as The King
LUKE CARROLL as Private Merat
GARETH JONES as Corporal Sona
JAMIE WALLWORK as Captain Varian
ALEX WARREN as Captain Janthorn

Originally, new episodes were to be created as funding from the purchase of episodes would allow. Unfortunately, it was not as successful as hoped, which is quite a shame as The Minister Of Chance (@MinisterChance) is unlike anything you’ll ever hear. So, Radio Static decided to make episodes available for the cost of FREE.

Now, Radio Static has created an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $10,000 by March 31, 2012, so that they can produce Episode 3. In exchange for your donations, you will receive a number of really cool perks. These perks include an exclusive t-shirt, the opportunity to win a small speaking part in Episode 3, a personalised voicemail greeting from Paul Darrow or Sylvester McCoy, a signed script, your name listed as a sponsor, and more.

If the above listed cast and perks are not enough to entice you into contributing, I invite you to read my reviews of Episode 1: The Broken World and Episode 2: The Forest Shakes. Also, I invite you to listen to my interviews with Lauren Crace, Sylvester McCoy and writer/director/producer, Dan Freeman. And, obviously, you’ll want to download Episodes 1 and 2 FOR FREE.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Click the clip below and donate! Also, please tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends. It will be a huge shame if more episodes from this brilliant series are not created.


Jules Sherred is the parent of two teenage boys, freelance writer, web designer, author of Five Little Zombies and Fred, General Manager and radio personality at The Look 24/7, owner of the largest Star Trek community on Google+, Geeky Pleasures creator, geek support for Parsec Award winning The Minister of Chance, and more. On the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show, Jules has interviewed Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Coulton, Phil Plait, Sylvester McCoy, Richard Hatch, Paul and Storm, R.A. Salvatore, John Kovalic, and so many more. Jules' writing can also be found on Hugo Award winning SF Signal, GeekMom, United Federation of, Nerdy With Children, Star Wars vs Star Trek. Slowly, Jules is working on another book titled Nerd Love. You can follow Jules on Twitter @GeekyJules. Also, JULES LOVES STAR TREK.

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