Geek Of The Week December 2, 2011

I don’t know what to say about this week’s Geek of the Week other than, WANT! WANT! WANT! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE LCARS PRINTS ON TREATED PHOTO PAPER!! Sorry for my over-enthusiasm. But once you see the image, you’ll understand why I cannot contain my excitement!

I became aware of these LCARS prints when, upon its arrival at his apartment, Corey Brookes (@Haikon) tweeted a picture of this beauty:

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) 79" x 30" on treated photo paper and full of awesome!

A guy, by the name of Thomas, who lives in Belgium created this and many more. You can visit Thomas’ website: LCARS Studio. Also, click the clip below and see all of the LCARS he has to offer, in various sizes and of various ships in the Star Trek universe. Engage! Make it so!

UPDATE:  As a thank-you to my readers, Thomas is offering a discount code of 10% off. On his Etsy Store, simply enter the code JULIASHERRED when ordering

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  1. Thanks for your article Jules. It’s a pleasure to read this! And to thank your readers, I offer a discount code 10% off. On my Etsy Store, they simply enter the code JULIASHERRED when ordering :)

    Tom from LCARS-Studio.

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