Pre-Order Marian Call's Newest Album: 'Something Fierce'

Just in case you haven’t heard, featured independent musician and Geeky Pleasures Radio Show guest, Marian Call (@mariancall), has finally announced the date for her newest album, Something Fierce.

This album is a double album and judging by Marian’s body of work and a few of the songs I’ve already had the opportunity to listen to, it will be something quite lovely and beautiful.

Marian had quite the journey, both personally and professionally, while creating this album. She has quite a bit to say about the journey on her blog.

There are a number of options for pre-ordering her album. You can purchase physical copies or you can purchase it in digital format. If you purchase the physical copy of the double album, there are a couple of bonuses.

For more information about both purchasing options and to pre-order, head on over to her Bandcamp. The digital version will be released on October 1, 2011. The physical version will ship on, or around, October 3, 2011.


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