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March 1, 2011


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Written by: Jules
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I am very excited about this month’s featured independent band.

Some of you are probably already familiar with their work, as it has been mentioned on this site before. Some of you are probably familiar with the individuals comprising this band, as each of them has had various mentions on Geeky Pleasures.

In case you are not familiar with the individuals, let me just quickly refresh who they are as single people before introducing them as a whole.

This duo incorporates the talents of former featured independent musician, Joe ‘Covenant’ Lamb, @JoeCovenant, (who is also the Music Director and my Assitant Programming Director at The Force 925). Read some of his other mentions here. It also incorporates the talents of Denise Hudson, @RangerDenni. You can read some of her other mentions here. Celebrating their 1st birthday just the other week, together, they make Duality (@Duality237).

When I first heard that they’d be teaming up on a more regular basis, I’ll admit I was a little bit nervous about the idea. Individually, they are both very talented musicians and artist. However, they each have their own styles, which contrast quite a bit from each other.

Despite my initial nervousness about this partnership, I was also anticipatory. I really wanted to hear how they would fuse and blend their contrasting styles. Much to my pleasure, I’d say it has been mostly extremely successful, building together a sound and style that incorporates the best of each of their unique talents, flavours and personal styles.

It is with great honour that I present to you, in a more formal fashion, the unique talent that is Duality. Below you will find their bio, which very nicely exhibits some of their quirks, 5 of their tracks, which will illustrate their wide style and links to various places you can find them online. Yet again, if you are viewing this in an RSS reader, you may need to visit the site in order to hear the tracks.

Once upon a Monkey, there was a planet called Xondor. There the kittycats grew large like bush dragons, and pianos flowed like mac ‘n’ cheeze. On the voluptuous hills of Squirk among the chocolate trees was a piano whiz-kid called Denise Hudson who liked tacos and could Not Spell. It was a place of songs and sandwiches, but the sound of distant Fu-ing from the future called her to a planet called Earth.

She dithered in a while in Austin, TX – starting little Musical Groups with Various Names and picking up strange skills on odd instruments at An Institution. She travelled the earth and over the course of time found the Internet. She discovered it could serve all her needs! – from finding love, to ordering audio equipment, skyping with fellow Xondorians (if she could only find any…), and then she discovered those song contests …

It was at such an Earthling contest that Den the Mysterious and Shifty met rocker and spell-caster of screen and stage Joe ‘Covenant’ Lamb. He hailed from Scotland; and liked a good semi-colon. He also enjoying the Writing of Tomes Regarding Vikings, PayDays, pretty guitars; and he could tell creepy stories while smiling. The Bluebearded Master of Song Fu did Joecast the Invisible Girl’s strangely poetic tunes, finding them worth his Shiny Joepoints.

This didn’t make the self proclaimed Angel of Death shrink in shy terror; nor did she disdain his musical advances – thus, out of the bowels of the cauldron of amazing which is located under the Creativity Tree next to Incredibility Mountain, the enigma of ~Joe’n’Den~ was born; a fusion that stimulates and mystifies all observers. Indeed, a bond was formed that would shake destiny to its very core … much like the Millennium Falcon was shaken on the asteroid when the exogorth (or, space slug) stirred from it’s mynock-disturbed slumber, in that it didn’t feel quite like rock but it still rolled …

They are both very secretive people so you will not catch them writing on any walls. She turns invisible, and he was actually writing from personal experience about that Furby thing.

Joe now hosts JoeShows over at TheForce 925, which is an internet radio station you really should be listening to; and Den will be coming soon to a lair near you.

They have a great time, and both really like pizza, run-on-sentences, and pie.

Find them on the web at the following:

“unofficial” blog: http://cupcakesofstealth.tumblr.com/


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