Time To Start Thinking About Your Contribution to the Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery's World Lupus Day Update

World Lupus Day is May 10, 2011. Once again, it is time for me to put out the call for contributions to the Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery.

If you are new to this corner of the internet, you may not aware that I, myself, have lupus. Lupus awareness is my number 1 cause. Without awareness, fundraising for much needed research and treatment will not be successful. Because lupus affects only approximately 5 million people worldwide, most people are unaware of exactly what lupus is. Sure, there are many people who know someone who has lupus, but they are never exactly sure what it is. This is not surprising as doctors are still baffled by this chronic, debilitating and potentially fatal autoimmune disorder.

To find out more about the inspiration for this project, click the clip to the left.

Any one is welcomed to contribute to the gallery, whether you yourself live with lupus or you know someone who does. Even if you do not know any one with lupus but have decided to learn more about this disease and would like to help spread awareness, your contributions would be more than welcomed.

There are many ways in which you can contribute and it doesn’t matter where you live. The only thing that can prevent you from contributing is your imagination. Deadline for submissions the World Lupus Day update is May 8, 2011 at Midnight PDT. All contributions will go live at 12 am PDT on May 10, 2011. Email your submissions, along with one link to your personal website or twitter account to lupus@juliasherred.com.

Below you will find clips to the various ongoing projects, plus a place to suggest your own project. This year, there is one new project: Incognito No More; which is a very easy way for anyone to contribute, regardless of creative ability. Also, an event has been created on Facebook. I’d greatly appreciated it you passed it around.

If you are needing inspiration, please click the clips below to see what has been submitted to date. Thank you for your continued support on this very important pet project of mine. It means more to me than I could ever articulate.

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  1. […] The Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery, which I founded, will be unveiling its third set of updates on May 10, 2011, at 12 am PDT. On that day, I invite you all to visit the gallery, sharing all of the art and stories submitted by those living with lupus and the people who love them. Share these stories, videos, songs, poems, pictures and other assorted art projects with your children. If you have any questions about how to talk to your children about lupus, please ask! Also, it isn’t too late for you to contribute. Submission deadline for the World Lupus Day update is May 8, 2011 at Midnight PDT. There are a bunch of projects you can do with your children, including making paper butterflies. You can find more information on my website, Geeky Pleasures. […]

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