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It is my great pleasure to feature Kevin Savino-Riker, as my Featured Independent Musician for the month of September. Regular readers of Geeky Pleasures may already be familiar with Kevin as he is my minion has been mentioned a few times on the site: for his participation in SpinTunes 1, video tapping w00tstock 2.4 for me and his site Star Wars Vs Star Trek was awarded Geek of the Week. Now, as the recently crowned champion of SpinTunes 1, he has earned this feature.

Before SpinTunes came into existence, I had the wonderful fortune to get to know Kevin through the Too Much Awesome community. Since Ning went pay, a lot of the regulars have now found their way to Artifiction. He was also wonderful enough to submit a few things to the Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery‘s May launch, including a song that will be featured below. I now have the good fortune to call him my friend, so it makes it even more wonderful that he has earned this feature.

Below you will find his bio, links to various places you can find him online and some of his music. If you are viewing this in a RSS reader, you will need to visit the site to listen to the music. Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Savino-Riker:

Hey there Jules and everybody!  Thanks for making a little space for me.

I suppose this whole music thing started pretty early, even though it took a little while to stick.  I started out on the piano, as is the trend for eight-year-olds.  I stopped soon after, but not before learning two important things from the experience: (1) I had a knack for memorizing music and playing by ear, because (2) I couldn’t read sheet music if my life depended on it.

Skip forward a handful of years and I found myself following in my mother’s footsteps when I picked up a pair of drumsticks.  My first serious band, Absolute, was founded by my two best friends and I, each of whom had very different tastes in music.  We developed a mishmash sound that was half punk, half metal, half rock, and another half rock.  But mostly punk.  I served as drummer and co-lead vocalist.

After I moved to college and discovered that drums were hard to take from place to place, I started playing guitar, which is my instrument of choice these days, even though I still consider myself a drummer by trade.  I played guitar and bass in in a handful of bar bands and toured a bit in upstate New York and Pennsylvania during this time, and resumed the pastime after moving to southern California.

Skip forward another handful of years and I found myself playing lead guitar in The Write Bloody House Party 2 Band, a group that never had any reason to exist, but somehow got itself a gig as the house band at the incredibly special Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour, a cultural variety show that took place every Wednesday in downtown Long Beach.  The show was hosted by spoken word poetry legend Derrick C. Brown and featured phenomenal local and nationally-renowned musicians, authors and “informationists”, all of whom inspired me to start getting creative with my own music again.  The show just concluded at the end of August, after running weekly for seven months.

During the Lightbulb Mouth period I decided to start focusing on writing and arranging songs for myself, and I made the decision to take a stab at being a YouTube musician.  I discovered the toomuchawesome collaborative songwriting online community (which eventually led me to SpinTunes); I fell in love with it and I still maintain active relationships with many of the people I first met there, despite the group getting shuffled away from its original home at  I’m still pretty new in the youtube scene, so I don’t have that deep of a catalogue yet, but now that I’m done with SpinTunes I’m going to be spending a lot of time re-recording music I’ve written in the past and getting a lot more content out there.

My songwriting has a fractured personality to it.  When I’m not writing technical multilayered progressive rock arrangements, I’m writing folk music with a very drum-influenced, percussive guitar style.

This will always be a work in progress.  I love your face.

~Kevin Savino-Riker

(Patient was his musical submission for the Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery. You can download it for free here.)


And just for a bit of fun, I want to include the video he made of his submission for Round 1 of Spintunes: I’m A Marvel and I’m A D.C. (You can download this song and others for free by clicking on the above link to Bandcamp.)

And here is his video for “Patient”.

I hope you enjoy!


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