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I am not a fan of campaigns that consist of “If I get so many followers on Twitter, then I’ll (insert reward here)” but I am a huge supporter of Makeshift Innocence and therefor want to help them with their latest endeavor. I suppose I should start of by telling you who Makeshift Innocence is. Simply put, they are my most favourite Canadian music group EVER. I had the excellent fortune of getting to know this group of fine young people last year. I helped them kick of their Canadian cross-country tour and they were Geeky Pleasure’s first Featured Independent Band of the Month. They are one of the few music groups that cause me to gush and I would do anything to support them because I strongly believe in who they are as people and as artists.

So, now this is where I tell you what it is I would like you to do. It is actually quite simple. They are currently running a promotional campaign. They just started a Twitter account and if they get 2000 followers by October 15, 2010, their management will release their newest single from their much anticipated second album (release date still unknown). There are also some other steps that I would like you to take:

To give you more of an idea of who these wonderful musicians are, I am including an interview I did with them May 7, 2009 after the first show of their Canadian cross-country tour and was aired shortly thereafter. We talked a little bit about their writing process, who and what inspires each of them and a bit about what has shaped who they are today. Some of the band members have changed since this interview but I still think it is worth the listen. The audio is a bit iffy as it was recorded with a handheld recorder while sitting around the table in the green room. I’ve tried my best to clean it up a bit but it is what it is. Notes:

  • Runtime: 37 minutes 29 seconds
  • Size: 34.3 MB
  • Format 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Stereo, mp3
  • Download (right click, save as)

You can also check them out on Youtube. I’m including one of their videos below. And don’t forget, you can also listen to more of their songs by checking out their Featured Band of the Month write-up.


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